Our Staff

Compassionate and Educated

Marathon Children and Family Centre employs qualified Early Childhood Educators as required by the Child Care and Early Years Act. Our staff are registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators and must complete supplementary First Aid and CPR training. 

Educators earn a Registered Early Childhood Educator Diploma through an accredited two-year Ontario College program. The Early Childhood Education Program consists of courses which assist educators in developing the ability to care for children and understand child development, program preparation and formation as well as infant-to-adolescent behaviour.

Student volunteers, high school co-op students and assistant educators are also a part of our team. Students bring many new ideas to the centre and are presented with many benefiting learning experiences through working in our playrooms with the children and qualified ECEs. In addition, assistant educators are encouraged to obtain their ECE diplomas while gaining experience as they work at the centre.

Ongoing Professional Development for Staff

Marathon Children and Family Centre believes that staff should always be avid learners who are eager to progress and develop with children over time as programs and methods change. Each day we learn new things and it is important to embrace what we learn and build upon this new information. Therefore, we strongly encourage ongoing professional development for staff.

To keep on top of the ever-developing approaches and techniques, team meetings are held weekly where all staff members discuss our observations and formulate ways in which we can improve our programs to help the children learn, grow and develop in the most effective ways possible. Staff meetings are held throughout the year in order to study our Parent Handbook, policy procedures and philosophy concepts. Staff also attend workshops in Thunder Bay to remain current and network with other Early Childhood Educators.

Marathon Children and Family Centre Staff

Veronica (Oni) Ferguson
Executive Director

Katheryne Lloyd
Registered Early Childhood Educator /
Program Assistant

Michelle LeGros
Assistant Educator

Kelly Bene
Assistant Educator

Vefa Muheymid                               Assistant Educator

Jodi Ferguson
Assistant Educator

Caylee Gauthier-Schwantz
Assistant Educator

Keirha Skworchinski                              Assistant Educator

Madison Oldford
Assistant Educator

Barb Boyd

Assunta Young